Piping Fabrication

We are proficient in every manner of piping and control tubing, including copper, stainless steel, carbon steel and cupro-nickel.  We can build or modify systems for any refrigerant including ammonia, as well as ancillary systems such as fresh or sea water.

Our pipe crews are comprised of the most talented available. We attract them by providing a safe working environment, competitive pay, and the right tooling and gear.

Fabrication On or Off Shore

Most of our pipe work is performed in the field, and we can mobilize to handle any type of project on board a vessel, on shore, nearby or remote.  In addition to the fabrication we do day in and day out on the Pacific Coast, we have worked in Alaska, the Gulf States, the East Coast, and the Southwest.

Have a chronic problem no one has been able to solve? Call us. It's what we do.

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Don Sly, NFPA Certified Marine Chemist, Industry Trainer, Co-Owner
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