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Genuine Carrier Parts

October 27, 2015

Aftermarket parts may appear to be the same, but do you really want to roll the dice?

Buy Your Carrier from an Authorized Carrier Dealer

As the only Factory Authorized Carrier Marine Dealer in this area, we hear from a lot of people who bought what they thought was a Carrier compressor because they got a great price and it looked like a Carrier on the outside.  Often the story is that it only ran for a few months and died, so they want a warranty replacement, only to find out the machine they bought was not a genuine Carrier remanufacture, but “rebuilt” by a non-authorized shop using aftermarket parts.

So please, if you’re in the market for a remanufactured compressor, buy it from a Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer, and there’s only one in the Greater Seattle area – Bowman Refrigeration.

Contact Bowman Refrigeration for Genuine Carrier Parts

If you want your Carrier compressor overhauled, insist on Genuine Carrier parts, the only kind we ever put in a Carrier compressor.  Guaranteed!

"They have been a huge factor in the success of our maintenance program as well as the design of our Refrigeration Plan. We plan on doing business with Bowman for many more years to come." READ MORE +

Tim Stordahl, Chief Engineer
-Arctic Fjord
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